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If you are a trained and experienced tour director and/or tour guide looking to enhance your career in the travel industry, IATDG is for you. If you are a tour operator seeking to staff your tours with trusted and talented tour managers, IATDG is for you. If your goal is to increase your network, knowledge, and tour management skills, IATDG is for you.

Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

From our annual conference and recruitment fair to our online tour and talent exchange… keep that calendar filled!

Exclusive Benefits
Exclusive Benefits

Discounts, insurance, and airline lounge access help make life on the road a bit easier.

Professional Development
Professional Development

Continuing education, online training, and annual assessments give you credibility.

Networking and Resources
Networking and Resources

Get the latest industry news, share ideas, and get help in an emergency.

Great Trips

Require Great Teams

A successful tour requires an expert tour director who can connect with travelers and earn their trust, a  tour director who is a confident and fearless leader who navigates tour groups through the labyrinth of potential hiccups and faux pas.

Successful tour guides are seasoned history and culture gurus who have mastered the must-sees and hidden gems of their destination(s).

Both have expertise in planning, problem-solving, safety, and building relationships: a recipe for ensuring the highest quality service while touring.



Our Advisory Team

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Kathleen Fitzgerald

Portland, OR

Tour Director and Guide

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Hillary campbell johnson

Orlando, FL

Tour Director

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