Journeys Begin with Small Steps

by Brendan Hynes

‘Ruins are not empty. They are sacred places full of presence!’ - John Donoghue – Poet.

'What inspired you to be a tour director?' I often get asked this question and, at the beginning of my career, I couldn’t really give an answer that I was happy with. Then I began to realise that I was on a journey of self and world discovery through some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, with people I met along the way as strangers who became lifelong friends. It is this journey and these experiences that have enriched my life and the lives of others on so many different levels. While these journeys began with the smallest of steps, they have been the most rewarding and satisfying to date. And, while the role of a Tour Director is demanding, it is seeing these beautiful locations that make it so worthwhile. As time goes by, I am becoming more and more amazed at what I see and experience. It’s this answer that I give that tends to get most smiles and is one with which I am most content.

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