The International Association of Tour Directors and Guides (IATDG) is the non-profit professional organization for trained and experienced tour managers worldwide. IATDG was formed by Tour Directors, Tour Operators, and Tour Guides with the common interest of ensuring “excellence in tour management and guiding”, which is our motto.

One of our primary goals is to increase the number of successful tours and satisfied travelers in the tour and travel industry each year. In order to accomplish this, we must ensure that tour directors and guides are informed, educated, skilled, and supported when leading tours. We must also see to it that tour operators have constant and immediate access to these highly-prepared professionals. IATDG is about success for all and we must all be involved to achieve it.


To ensure the highest level of professionalism among tour directors, guides, and operators

To support the exchange of services offered by tour guides & tour directors and opportunities offered by tour operators

To educate the travel industry and the government about issues important to and effecting tour directors and guides

To develop and provide industry-related benefits and resources to our members

Our mission is to set the highest standard for service and proficiency in tour management. We aim to support our directors and guides by providing and promoting opportunities for superior training, education, resources and exposure to employment. Likewise, we support tour operators by providing them continuous access and connection to these highly-qualified professionals.

Our Vision & Mission

To revolutionize the industry by raising the bar for tour managers and providing resources for success

Our members

Tour Directors (as defined by the WFTGA): A person who manages an itinerary on behalf of the tour operator ensuring the program is carried out as described in the tour operator’s literature and sold to the traveler/consumer and who gives local practical information.

Tour Guides (as defined by the WFTGA): A person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority.

Tour Operators: A company that organizes travel services and provides them with packaged tours.

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